At this time, WellBody Arts Classes are being offered on demand.  I can design classes, workshops, retreats and trainings specified to individual and group needs.  

WellBody Yoga A slow flow yoga practice, inviting bodybreath-awareness, fascial melting, lengthening and strengthening.  The class utilizes methods from a variety of yoga styles and somatic movement methods, and often includes meditation in motion.

SomaFlow   A gentle somatic movement practice, using sound, breath and intent as an entry way into your own personal expression of fluid movement.  Explore unfurling, undulating, spiralling, suspending, lateralizing, lengthening, listening, resting and more. 

JoyfulMotion A conscious dance experience, that begins with guided embodied practices and gradually progresses into an opportunity to play with movement themes in your own way, with the support of an easeful, joyful atmosphere. Befriend the body, and let go! 

WellBody Groove  Carefully crafted music journeys are our inspiration to move freely, sweat soulfully, float, spin, whirl, wander and get grounded.  Intent, like-minded movers, and the music, are our container for self-expression and exploration, allowing us sensory space and a great soundscape to track discoveries, and release what doesn't serve.  Relaxed facilitation supports the experience. 

SoundNidra (Sound Healing Immersion) A guided, deep relaxation experience, in which we hold conscious awareness within a sleep-like state.  Complimented by the use of highly vibratory instruments, sacred chants, toning and creative imagery.  It's a regenerating practice that, over time, can train the body to respond more easefully to day-to-day stress.