July Workshop

    Temple of the Heart - A WellBody Arts Workshop
with Kristine Karpinski & Evelina Proeva
Somatic Movement, Conscious Relaxation
Sound Healing Practices, Energetic Sensing, Ceremony

Participate in the creation of your own Heart Bundle, inspired 
by the teachings of the Despacho - a practice 
from the Peruvian wisdom tradition. 

Friday July 13th to Sunday July 15th, 2018    
Arrival - Friday between 3-5pm   Departure - Sunday at 3pm
cost: $395 (cash, chq, e-transfer)

        Entering through the map of our body’s physical and energetic anatomy, we’ll take time to explore the beauty and mystery of our own heart and energetic heart centre.  Aiming to create a container for gentle reflection and deep nourishment, restoration and rejuvenation, we’ll use stillness and movement; silence and powerful vibratory soundscapes, to allow access to the yearnings of our deeper essence.  In this way, we’ll lean in to hear the whispers emerging from our own heartspace, and use this wisdom to create a heart bundle - an offering of recognition and reverence - supporting our path forward.

  Add an extra day to your retreat...
Arrive Thurs July 12th - between 3-5pm    
additional cost: $125
       Thursday evening and Friday during the day, take the 
opportunity to learn the traditional Peruvian teachings of the Mesa 
and Despacho from Evelina (a mesa carrier).  These teachings 
will help set the tone and the space, for the rest of our weekend together.

Galilee Centre (Arnprior)  - 398 John St. North 
40 minutes from Ottawa 
Single Room Accommodations & All Meals Included

Reserve your space soon.