Private Sessions

Appointment Bookings
Please email to schedule a session (preferred)
Alternatively, contact me by phone:  343-777-2002

I’m in the west end of Ottawa in the Crystal Beach area - directions will be provided upon booking.

Chq, Cash & E-Transfer payments accepted
Most extended health care plans offer coverage for registered massage therapy sessions in Ontario.  Please check with your provider.    

Session Prices (hst included) 
45 minutes - $80     60 minutes - $100      75 minutes - $120    90 minutes - $140

New Clients
Please tell me how you heard about me when you contact me.  I primarily take new clients based on word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients.

Session Options

Each session begins with a conversation to get us oriented as to the needs of the day.  We’ll take a little time to chat about what’s been showing up in your body and decide together how to proceed.  All sessions are framed in the context of somatic awareness - meaning - we’ll get curious about the language of the body and what patterns are apparent and need attention. We’ll either be working on the massage table or the floor - depending on which approach you prefer.  Here are generalized descriptions of the different options:

Massage Therapy (oil based table massage) is performed on a massage table, using oil directly on the skin. It utilizes kneading and sweeping strokes and various bodywork techniques, including deep tissue work, fascial melting, trigger point release, reflexology and subtle energy techniques.  It can support recovery from injury or strain, and also be used as a relaxation method to help relieve anxiety or stress.

Thai Yoga Massage (floor based massage & movement) is practiced on a floor mat, with the client wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.  It involves passive stretching and palm/thumb pressure along fascial pathways and energy lines. It can feel like assisted yoga, with a primary aim to facilitate a sense of wholeness, increased energy, flexibility and balance within the body.

Somatic Energy Work (table or floor based as appropriate) utilizes light touch and subtle energy techniques from a variety of modalities, including cranialsacral therapy, reiki, biodynamic energetics, Continuum Movement, Metamorphic Technique, sound frequency and chakra energy work.  It encourages the body's own wisdom and bio-intelligence to activate, facilitating healing and beneficial re-patterning.