Sound Healing

Sound Healing Sessions Now Available

After many years of study with Zacciah Blackburn, Dorothy Stone and other wonderful teachers, I'm now offering private and group sound healing sessions.

Sound Healing is becoming more recognized in the field of wellness.  Research has been accumulating for several decades on the benefit of utilizing sound for improving the healing potential of the body, mind and spirit.  Highly vibrational instruments are used to offer activation and relaxation ... Crystal Bowls, Himalyan Bowls, Bells, Koshi Chimes, Tuning Forks, Rattles, Drums, Gongs, Spirit Drums and more.  Curious?  Book a session.

Private Session - 60 minutes (recommended) - $100 (includes HST)
A private session begins with a check-in, to determine the most beneficial sound approach to use.

Group Sessions on request - details to be worked out when booking.