Monthly Events

Solstice SoundNidra
Fri Dec 21st 7-9pm
at Kalyana Yoga Shala 
(check Kalyana schedule for pricing and registration)

Come and enjoy a relaxing, nurturing evening, honouring the gifts of the darkness, and celebrating the return of the light.  Enter into a sweet solstice space, prepared in a way that will deepen the sensory experience and lighten the spirit.  After an initial welcoming, we'll begin with an intention-setting collective sound ceremony, followed by an immersive vibratory sound healing experience, which will begin with minimal, gentle verbal guidance to ground the practice and deepen our awareness into healing potential.  Highly vibratory instruments will support our journey.  We'll end with a sacred chant to honour the season and feel the connective field energy that we've built through the practice.  We'll also share a sweet treat to seal in the session! 

WellBody Groove for the New Year
Fri, January 4th, 2019, 7-9pm
at Kalyana Yoga Shala 
(check Kalyana schedule for pricing and registration)

It's a New Year!

What's your 'well' for 2019?  Welcome in the New Year by listening to the whispers emerging from your own body wisdom.  Discover what your bio-intelligence is longing for, in the coming year.  A carefully crafted music journey will be our inspiration to discover, move and clarify this emerging wisdom.  Move freely, sweat soulfully, float, spin, whirl, wander and get grounded.  Intent, like-minded movers, and the music, are our container for self-expression and exploration, allowing us sensory space and a great soundscape to track discoveries, and release what doesn't serve.  Conscious intention and relaxed facilitation support the experience.

Wear comfy clothing that is easy to move in.  Most folks dance barefoot, but if you need sole support, sticky socks, dance shoes or indoor shoes with soft soles can be a good option.  Be sure to dress in layers - feeling hot or cool (or both!) is possible as we move through the hour.  

SomaFlow -  Unfurling
Sat Jan 26th, 2019, 3-5pm
at Kalyana Yoga Shala 
(check Kalyana schedule for pricing and registration)

January-end and February-beginning, mark the earth-based holiday Imbolc.  This is the time between winter solstice and spring equinox, when the days are getting longer, and the earth is beginning to awaken to the extra light of day.  It's a time of transition ... where we can notice the spaces in-between the ordinary moments.

"Now we become aware that the Earth is no longer still be stirring.  What has been curled up begins to unfurl..."  Glennie Kindred.

Leaning into Imbolc as our inspiration to unfurl ... we'll awaken fluid potential with a gentle somatic movement practice, inspired by Continuum Movement, pioneered by Emilie Conrad.  Using sound, breath and intent as an entry way into your own personal expression of unfurling, we'll explore fluid movement, undulating, spiralling, suspending, lateralizing, lengthening, listening, resting and more.  This can be a deeply regenerating experience.  Explore the inner mystery of the spaces in-between - slow down, feel the unfurling in our own body ... and discover the potential waiting there.  

Wear comfy clothing that is easy to move in, and keeps you warm.